This fall, Aveda Artists gathered at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis for “Inspire.Create. Change.” a global education summit to help educators further their careers.  On the last night of the summit, Artists got comfy in their favorite PJs to come together and make blankets for two worthy organizations: The Humane Society and Blankets for a Brighter Day.


“After three days of education, this was the perfect way to spend our last night together to celebrate our friendships and support two really wonderful charities,” said Taylor Hanson, Aveda Artist, Juut SalonSpa, Minneapolis, Minnesota, (seen above with Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director for Hair Color.) “Everyone had such a special time, and for me personally, the experience was a true gift.”


Blankets for a Brighter Day  Co-founder Shannon Baier, with her father Kevin.


Blankets for a Brighter Day Co-founder Shannon Baier shared with the group the mission behind the organization that provides blankets to young patients of Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. Started in partnership with her sister Katelyn, the two saw the powerful effects a blanket can have when Katelyn was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 13. The two realized how special receiving a comforting blanket is after Katelyn had experienced numerous stays in the hospital over the course of three surgeries.


Ahead, Aveda Artists share their thoughts on making the blankets:


“I had such a great time at this event.  I love that such a young girl was able to create a way to fill a needed void. The love she showed for her sister is incredible. I remember being in the hospital for three months when I was going through my own health issues last year. My favorite gift was a blanket that was brought to me by a client of mine. The blanket represented comfort for me and gave me a sense of peace and hope! It's hard for anyone to really relate to what that could feel like, but I know people, especially children, that find an incredible amount of love and hope in something soft and comfortable.” — Del Miller, Aveda Artist and Educator, Spoke & Weal Salon, San Francisco, California


Aveda Artists with one of their completed blankets, left to right, Lindsay Anders, Del Miller, Kauilani Goodwyn and Christine Thompson.


“It was wonderful to bond with the person that you were working with to create your blanket— it felt really special because we knew we were doing something for the greater good. Hearing from Shannon was great and something we kept in mind as we were working. My heart was full of light, love and laughter!” — Scott Buchanan, Aveda Artist and Educator, and Founder of Scott J. Aveda Salons, New York, New York


Aveda Artists Scott Buchanan (left) and Luca Boccia bond over their blanket making.



“My nephew also has Crohn’s disease so I could understand some of the things the founders of Blankets for a Brighter Day have gone through and I felt that much stronger in making the blankets for this cause. It was also wonderful to bond with my Makeup Team and the other Educators. We all felt good about making someone else's day bright with a warm, cozy blanket and doing it together as a team made it even better!” — Janell Geason, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup


“I love the fact we are all on a journey, and an experience like this

allowed us to see a small window into others’ journeys.

Bea Watson, Aveda Global Educator, Hair Styling


“This event really drove home the part of our mission that emphasizes ‘the ways in which we give back to society’, as well as the importance of how the small acts of a few can have a big impact for others in need. Things like this highlight the selflessness and dedication of those in the Aveda network and make me proud to be a part of a group that lives the mission.” — Tia Coles, Aveda Purefessional™, Jouvence Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa, Rockville, Maryland.


The ‘Puurfect’ Blanket for The Humane Society done by, left to right, Aveda Artists Brittany Craig and Tia Coles.



“For me it was about people coming together to do something really fun. It really outlined for me how giving back is not only rewarding, but great fun as well!”

Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Cutting


“Working as a colorist I don’t always get a chance to interact with the Artists from the cutting, makeup and styling teams so this was a wonderful opportunity to do so while giving back to two amazing charities. I think with all of us working on such a positive activity helped to bring us all together as one.” — Jo McKay, Aveda European Technical Hair Specialist


Aveda Artists and their completed blanket: Left to Right, Jessica Diment, Eva Tsang and Kai Flood.


And of course, we couldn’t resist but to share with you a few furry friends that loved their new blankets!


Pictured here is Chatta with one of the blankets. Chatta was at the Humane Society in Washington for a while and loved her blankets. She finally found her forever home and took her blanket with her!


This refined and very adorable, adoptable cat at the Humane Society in Coon Rapids, Minnesota snuggles up with one of the blankets.


This sweet pup Sam waits for his forever home at the Humane Society in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.



To volunteer for the Humane Society, visit the Humane Society Volunteer page here to find your local partner and learn about their needs. To get involved with Blankets for a Brighter Day and/or make blankets for their cause, you can visit the volunteer and donation page for Blankets for A Brighter Day here.



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