On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti to devastating effects. From Aveda’s relationship with Unikode, which supplies us with the Haitian vetiver that is in many of our products, we learned that what was needed most in the aftermath of the storm was access to clean water. To that end, Aveda has granted $10,000 to Heifer International to help fund a generator for one of the large water bottling plants in the area (which is currently inoperable due to hurricane damage), so that clean water can get to those in need as quickly as possible and so that the plant can continue working thereafter. 


A field of vetiver in Haiti.


We also learned that there is a great demand for clothing and personal items in Haiti. Thanks to the employees at Aveda Headquarters in Minnesota who collected donations, and shipped out more than 3,000 items in 27 large boxes, totaling 1,076 lbs., including clothing, shoes, blankets, toys, and Aveda hand and body wash for men, women, and children in need. These items went directly to Unikode who will be distributing them to the communities. We thank our Aveda employees for rallying to support our partners in Haiti. 


How You Can Help


If you would like to help relief efforts by making a personal donation, Aveda recommends the following two organizations, which are working on the ground to provide disaster relief for Haiti:


Lambi Fund, with which Aveda has partnered since 2010. And Partners in Health.


Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping our friends in Haiti.


Photos by Grégoire Mahler, courtesy of IFF-LMR


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