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Horst once said that “when you do something out of pure love, you’re automatically successful,” which is why his never-ending appreciation for the natural world fueled the rapid growth of Aveda. But Horst wasn’t just a product formulator; he was also a photographer, painter, showman, and businessman. In short, he was a lifelong student of everything.


Inspired by Horst’s philosophy, we invite our guests and artists to share their thoughts on what love means to them on our Instagram or Facebook page with #ItsAllAboutLove.


Horst was also committed to giving back, another legacy that lives on through Aveda in the form of a year-round initiative called #BeautyHeals. The program encourages and enables our salon network professionals to give back to their communities—from implementing clean-water initiatives to offering complimentary head shaves for people going through chemotherapy.


Aveda’s Love™ Composition Oil is another manifestation of Horst’s love for people and the planet. When you wear it, the goodness extends far past your pulse points. The soothing, calming aroma—a blend of certified organic sandalwood, jasmine, and other flower and plant essences—doesn’t just smell nice, it is nourishing. In fact, it’s the very embodiment of Rechelbacher’s discovery of Ayurveda (the ancient healing art of India). “I had learned early on which aromas aided me during meditation, and I kept returning to this particular combination, which I found to be comforting, balancing, nurturing, and somehow, helped connect me to the core of my being,” Rechelbacher said.


In addition to helping you find balance, the oil has a greater planetary purpose: $4 from the purchase price of each bottle will be donated to the National Audubon Society to support climate change initiatives that protect the natural ecosystem of birds—a vitally important cause to both Horst and Aveda. Furthermore, the oil is housed in a 30ml glass bottle in a PCR carton with 100% PCR fiber.


Whether you honor our founder’s many contributions to society by participating in a #BeautyHeals event, by wearing the oil, or by simply being mindful of your impact on the earth, you are helping to continue his legacy of love.


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