When is your skin more radiant than on your wedding day? While you may think that the answer is a definitive “never,” it’s actually possible to get that luminous glow year-round. But it takes a little doing. Namely, the consistent use of skin care brightens and nourishes skin while providing anti-aging benefits over time.


Aveda’s newest products, Tulasāra™ Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye Overnight are here to help you look wedding day radiant all year long. What makes these new products so wonderfully unique is that they were modeled after the gorgeous Haldi beauty ritual, which is a key part of the Hindu wedding ceremony. Not only do both products deliver wedding-day skin, they do so inspired by an approach that has been time-tested and proven for generations.


“Haldi refers to the paste that is used in the Haldi ceremony, which is part of a traditional Indian wedding,” explains Divyesh Patel, Director of Skincare Research and Development at Aveda. The paste is a mix of turmeric, chickpea powder, and rose water (Haldi means turmeric in Sanskrit). In the ceremony, married family members spread the paste onto exposed parts (face, hands, arms, legs, feet) of the bride and groom the day before the wedding as an offering of good luck. It is said that if the bride or groom touches an unmarried person of marrying age with the Haldi, he or she will be the next to tie the knot.


The paste itself is bright yellow, representing the color of fire in Hinduism, and, in the case of the Haldi Ceremony, wards off evil spirits and omens on your special day —so it is washed off the skin after setting for three or four hours. “Turmeric is a known skin brightener, so the Haldi also helps the bride and groom look their best for their wedding day,” says Divyesh.


Entrepreneur Payal KadaKia Pujji and her husband Nick during their Haldi ceremony.


While Aveda’s Tulasāra™ Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye Overnight do not need to be used on the eve of your wedding (although they can be, of course!), they share some ingredients with the Haldi ritual and serve a similar purpose: they help you wake up to brighter, more luminous skin.


The formulas of the masques contain Curcumonoids, an extract of turmeric (don’t worry, it’s colorless and won’t stain your skin or your sheets). Also featured in both the ritual and the formula: potato and tomato stem cells, which are known for their restorative properties. “Potato and tomato slices are sometimes placed on top of the Haldi in the ceremony,” explains Divyesh. In addition, the formulas contain apricot seed oil, an Ayurvedic ingredient that helps repair the lipid barrier of the skin, working with the skin cell’s natural circadian rhythm to help support skin’s natural repair process that happens at night.


Divyesh recommends users apply a thick coating of the masques and allow the formula to sink in overnight. There’s no need to rinse in the a.m. Adds Divyesh, “applying a product that helps brighten overnight is an effective way to wake up radiant, as your skin shifts into repair mode while you sleep.”


Then, wake up in the morning to wedding day skin.



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